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Welcome to Rajbari Govt. College, Rajbari

Bangladesh has, to some extent, crossed an average level of literacy rate, but this was not the same during the decades of fifties and sixties of the past century. Higher education sector was rather narrower. Though about 20 secondary schools were established between 1888 and 1960 in the then Goalanda Sub-division, there no college for higher education was founded. The local people felt the urgency of the establishment of a college to spread higher education, but it was not possible to establish one. At last with the initiative of Kazi Hedayet Hussain, Dr. A.K.M. Aszad, Dr Azhar Uddin, Dr A.H.M. Yahya, Fazlul Haque Mukter, Amal Krishna Chakrabarty, Adv. Abdul Jalil Mia, Babu Brindaban Das, Adv. Abul Kashem Mridha, Abdul Hanif Mollah and many more, the action plan of the then sub-divisional officer Kazi Azhar Ali the implementation of a college was going on. People from all walks of life extended their hand to the effort. At last on June 23, 1961 the foundation stone of the college was laid by the then sub-divisional officer Kazi Azhar Ali . Christian cleric Samson Chowdhury handed over the present office building to the college authority and from the building the activities of the college started. Though the college initially started its journey with Humanities and commerce department, within 1963 under the proper directions of Mr Md Osman Goni, a principal of that time HSC science and all other courses of under-graduate level were opened. Number of students stood at 2000. A two storeyed (now three storeyed) academic building was constructed. In between 1966 and 1980 with the active efforts of Professor Mia Md Kayemuddin, skilled teachers and the localies the college came into being one of the colleges, having rubrics in the country. The participation of the students of Rajbari Government College in the war of independence, construction of central Shaheed Minar in the college premises are the greatest work at the national level. It is worth mentioning the Shaheed Minar is the first Shaheed Minar in the greater Faridpur district. Under the policies of the nationalization of colleges of the then sub-divisions, the college was nationalized on March 1, 1980. After then Professor Bidhubhushon Chanda took the charge as principal on January 1, 1981 who strictly administered, thus college academy advanced more rapidly. In the attractive sylven environment, at present on the north there is a broad playground, large pond, beside them there are three storeyed Mir-Mosharrof Hossain Hostel, five storeyed Bangabandhu Hostel and one storeyed Vidyasagor Hostel. There are a two storeyed Library building, three storeyed Business Studies building and an Academic building-1,  four storeyed science building, five storeyed Academic building-02 and an two storied Administrative building, Teachers’ lounge, Teachers’ dormitory, mosque, students’ common room, Badhon Office, BNCC and Rovers Office and an open platform in the present college campus.  Outside the main campus, there is a lady’s hostel at Sajjankanda. From the 1996-97 academic session in the departments of Political Science, Bangla, Management, Zoology and from 1998-1999 in the departments of English, Botany, Mathematics, Economics, History, Physics, Chemistry and Accounting and from 2015-16 session Philosophy, Islamic History and Culture honours courses were introduced. Now the post-graduation courses were introduced in eight departments. Every honours department has separate office room, seminar library and classrooms. Presently over 10,000 students’ study in this college.